Measure the temperature to ensure that the construction site stays within a safe temperature range. You can use notifications when the temperature exceeds or falls below limits to prevent, for example, frost damage and cracks. Too much or too little heat on the construction site can be harmful to both the building and the workers, so with Brinja's system you can feel safe. With continuous data, there is a record of what the temperature has been throughout the construction process from start to finish; data that can be passed on to the end customer

Why is it important to control the temperature in the building?

During the construction process, you want to keep the temperature in the building around 20 degrees, in order to have a stable dehydration and indoor climate. It is important that buildings are tight and insulated to avoid the risk of moisture, mould and other undesirable effects.

Stop measuring manually

While you drink coffee, Brinja Node measures the data you would otherwise have to measure manually. Collection frequency can be varied as needed, default is every 15 minutes.

App warns when limits are exceeded

Notified of increased risk

Receive notifications when selected limits are about to be exceeded. Adjust your limits according to conditions and weather.

quick and easy installation

Easy wireless installation

The battery-powered Brinja Node is small, easy to install and has a battery life of up to 18 months. It is easy to scale the number of nodes up and down depending on the project's needs.

How temperature measurement works

Everything on your phone

With our user-friendly App, you have access to all functionality wherever you are. It visualises a week's worth of temperature data.

app visualises a week's worth of temperature measurements
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