We are Brinja

Brinja creates intelligent construction workplaces like smart home systems but designed specifically for the production of new buildings. Our passion is to improve safety, efficiency and sustainability at construction sites.

It all started in 2016 with an idea to use radar to make construction sites safer. In developing this, our customers instead expressed concerns about evacuations as well as other areas and we quickly changed our focus. In May 2017, the first prototype of our evacuation system was born and quickly implemented on a work site - and we haven't stopped developing and improving our products since.

Since January 2018, we have had paying customers from the construction industry such as NCC, Skanska and Peab. Our ambitions are high and we are now facing an incredible growth journey.

Through our customers' feedback, we have been able to streamline several areas of the construction process. With our services, the construction site becomes safer and more secure and manual processes are digitally managed with automation. Today, we have grown and developed together with our customers and can now offer these services:

  • Comprehensive evacuation system
  • Smart quality measurements
  • Energy-saving light control
  • Automated concrete measurement

Click on the hexagons to see more about who we are and why we do what we do!

Hover over the hexagons to see more about who we are and why we do what we do!





Brinja's purpose

Our aim is to keep workers and workplaces safe

Brinja's vision

We want to see a world where all workplaces are safe, efficient and sustainable

Brinja's Mission

We exist to make workplaces safe for everyone by driving change through digitalisation and connectivity

Brinja's values

  • We are passionate and passionate about what we do
  • We are responsible and hardworking
  • We are gamechangers with courage
  • We don't take shortcuts when it comes to quality

Prizes & Recognitions

Top 50 Contech Startups 2023

These are the 50 most promising startups of 2023 that are redefining the Contech ecosystem.

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Inission award 2022

In the exciting final, three strong entries competed for SEK 1 million in development and manufacturing services from Inission.

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New Technology 33 list 2022

Ny Teknik lists 33 young Swedish technology companies that will change their industries - in everything from pharmaceuticals to electric aircraft and steel manufacturing.

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Framtidsbolag 2020

One of the 50 companies selected to the grand finale to compete for the titles "Startup of the Year" and "Growth Company of the Year"

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Electronics Company of the Year in West Sweden 2020

Brinja was named electronics company of the year in West Sweden 2020. The prize is awarded by the Electronics Industry Association in Gothenburg (EIG).

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Swedish Embedded Award 2019

The Swedish Embedded Award is awarded annually to the best embedded technology designs. In 2019, the prize went to Brinja.

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For us at Brinja, sustainability is a central part of who we are and what we do. Our goal is to create safe and efficient workplaces and thus contribute to ecological, economic and social sustainability. Our business model is also circular and is based on renting out our products instead of selling them. In this way, we can easily reuse, upgrade and repair our products so that the service life increases by up to five years. In addition, it allows us to quickly and easily get our products out to more projects and thus use them efficiently.

We contribute concretely to achieving three of the UN's sustainable development goals, see which and how we contribute below.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 7

With our lighting control, electricity consumption for site lighting can be reduced by up to 85%. As the construction industry accounts for 17% of Sweden's electricity consumption, Brinja can help to significantly increase the energy efficiency of the construction sector.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 8

Our services contribute to increased safety and security in the workplace, but also increased efficiency. Since we only rent out our products, they can be easily repaired, upgraded and reused.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 9

We help digitize and automate manual processes on construction sites. Brinja also works to influence the construction industry through various forums and lobbying.

The people behind Brinja


Erik Kullgren

Erik Kullgren

Felix Hulthén

Felix Hulthén

Car-El Williams

Car-El Williams

Mobile Application Developer
Richard Franck

Richard Franck

Production Manager
Lucas Karlsson

Lucas Karlsson

Software Engineer
Erik Nygren

Erik Nygren

Assembly and service technician
Darko Petrov

Darko Petrov

Assembly and service technician
Frida Ekström

Frida Ekström




We at Brinja love collaboration! That's why we've helped initiate #GbgConTech, a network where tech enthusiasts and the construction industry can come together. The goal is to create a unique platform to promote ideas and collaborations in construction and technology. Click on the logo below to read more on the website.

Håll Nollan

The collaboration project Håll Nollan has the vision of zero accidents in the construction industry, something which is obvious to us. Therefore, it was not a difficult decision to join this awesome cooperation! Read more on their website, click the logo to redirect there.