In order to offer our services, we have developed a number of products adapted to tough requirements. We are also continuously working to develop more innovative products. Read more about the products that make our services so good.

Brinja Core

Equipped with both LTE and low-frequency radio, Brinja Core is perfectly suited for IoT challenges in harsh concrete environments. The durable galvanized sheet metal construction allows it to withstand the rigors of the construction site.

Brinja Node

With a simple design, Brinja Node is durable and easy to install. The units are wireless and battery powered with enough capacity to handle longer construction projects. 

Brinja App

All our services, such as evacuation, quality measurements and light control, are managed through the app. It's easy to switch between the different services and if something happens on site, you'll receive a notification in the app in real time. Employment is easily done with QR codes that ensures everyone has access to the right features.