Evacuation system

Our evacuation system is comprehensive and streamlines the evacuation process during drills as well as real-life situations.

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Up to 10x faster evacuations

With Brinja's evacuation system, you can reach employees directly via sirens and flashing the existing lighting. This gives you 10 times faster evacuation in real-life situations as well as during practice.

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Automated and digitized process

When an evacuation is triggered, a notification or SMS is sent to employees on site. With Brinja's smart app, employees can mark themselves as safe once they've made it to the retrieval point or as in need of assistance if they need it.

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Fast and smooth installation

The system is connected to the existing infrastructure in the form of lighting and power supply, hence a quick and easy installation. You can save time and money, but most importantly, you can save your employees' lives!

How the evacuation system works

Customer case from Hangar 5 in Bromma

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How the evacuation system works

First incident detected

E.g. an incipient fire, gas leaks, bomb threats, etc.

Employees sound the alarm

Brinja Node or an employee discovers the incident

Brinjas core and node
Brinja App

Brinja Core alarms through lights, sirens and notifications in our app


Evacuation begins and everyone makes their way towards the repository

Brinja App

All are reassembled and can mark themselves as safe via app and SMS

Brinja App

Supervisors get an overview of employee status