Measure noise to get live updates on the noise level at the construction site. By setting thresholds, you can demonstrate and ensure that you are staying within 80 dB, which is the limit set by law and regulated by the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

What is noise?

Noise is unwanted sound and noise damage is the environmental disturbance that affects the most people in Sweden. Many people are aware that noise levels at construction sites are too high and even harmful, but how do you know when you have exceeded harmful levels? Prolonged exposure to noise can primarily cause hearing problems, but can also lead to other damage such as increased blood pressure, reduced stroke volume, increased muscle tension, stress and the release of stress hormones.

Stop measuring manually

While you drink coffee, Brinja Node measures the data you would otherwise have to measure manually. Collection frequency can be varied as needed, default is every 15 minutes.

App warns when limits are exceeded

Notified of increased risk

Receive notifications when selected limits are about to be exceeded. Adjust your limits according to conditions and weather.

quick and easy installation

Easy wireless installation

The battery-powered Brinja Node is small, easy to install and has a battery life of up to 18 months. It is easy to scale the number of nodes up and down depending on the project's needs.

How noise measurement works

Everything on your phone

With our user-friendly App, you have access to all functionality wherever you are. It visualises a week's worth of noise data.

app visualises a week's worth of sound level measurements
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