Brinja's evacuation system

Our evacuation system is comprehensive and streamlines the evacuation process during drills as well as real-life situations.

Up to 10x faster evacuations

With Brinja's evacuation system, you can reach employees directly via sirens and flashing the existing lighting. This gives you 10 times faster evacuation in real-life situations as well as during practice.

Automated and digitized process

When evacuation is triggered, notification and SMS are also sent to employees who are on site. Brinja's smart app automatically marks employees as safe once they've made it to the repository.

Fast and smooth installation

The system is connected with existing infrastructure in the form of lighting and electricity central, hence a fast and smooth installation. You can save time and money, but above all you can save your employees' lives!

How the evacuation system works


E.g. an incipient fire, gas leaks, bomb threats, etc.


Brinja Node or an employee discovers the incident


Brinja Core alarms through lights, sirens and notifications in our app


Evacuation begins and everyone makes their way towards the repository


All are reassembled and can mark themselves as safe via app and SMS


Supervisors get an overview of employee status

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Brinja's Light Control

With our light control, you can easily control workplace lighting through our app to reduce electricity consumption.

Energy savings

With our system you can save both energy and money by turning off the lights when they are not in use.

Set timers

In the app, timers can be easily set, which means that the lights turns off and on according to a set schedule.

Everything in our app

By installing Brinja Cores in the workplace, you can easily control the lighting through our app.

How the light control works

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Brinja's Quality Measurements

With our measurements, you can prevent and eliminate risks during the construction project with real-time data.

Real-time Data

Make data-driven decisions based on real-time data from up to eight different metrics. In this way, you can justify your actions to both the end customer and the employee.

Prevent Damage and Risks

Notices will alert you if you are on your way or have exceeded your set limits. You can work proactively and focused where necessary, no more analog rounds to read sensors manually.

Wireless and Flexible Measurements

The measurements are made via Brinja's wireless device. This provides flexible measurements exactly where you want them. Collection frequency can be varied as needed, the default is every 15 minutes.

How the Quality Measurement Works


Brinja Node continuously reads current metrics


Brinja Core stores and then passes the information on to the cloud


Users receive real-time alerts and prompts via Brinja App

App demo

Measurement data can be easily read and exported with our app

Available Metrics


Measure humidity and added moisture to ensure quality during critical construction operations. Through increased transparency in the construction process, you can ensure the desired result and demonstrate the conditions for the end customer.


Make sure the construction site stays within a safe temperature range. Real-time notifications can be used to prevent e.g. frost damage and cracks.

Dust Levels

Get notifications about where dust is produced and act proactively to improve and secure the work environment. With this data, activities can be planned to minimize the level of dust.


Demonstrate that you stay within the required sound levels, for the sake of both your employees and your surroundings.


Discover elevated levels of carbon monoxide to protect your employees. Carbon monoxide is called "the silent killer" because it is invisible and odourless.


The motion sensor has three different uses: trigger lighting to reduce unnecessary electricity consumption, detect abnormal activity and potential break-ins, and analyze movement patterns to see where most/least activity occurs.

Air Pressure

Discover open doors or windows early to prevent moisture, cold air or other impacts on the indoor environment.


Map abnormal or increased vibration to reduce risks at the construction site. Can also be effective against burglary attempts on containers.

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In order to offer our services, we have developed a number of products adapted to tough requirements. We are also continuously working to develop more innovative products. Read more about the products that make our services so good.

Brinja Core

Equipped with both GSM and low frequency radio, Brinja Core is perfectly suited for IoT challenges in harsh environments with a lot of concrete. The durable construction in galvanized sheet metal provides good protection against the stresses of the construction site.

Brinja Core Specs

According to EU directives, including CE, RED, LVD, RoHS &EMC
Core48 & Core230
385x295x62 mm
About 3kg
Durable galvanized sheet metal
Up to 9 channels for Core48 or 1 for Core230
Output power
48 VAC for Core48 and 230 VAC for Core230
Max combined load
3000W for Core48 and 1800W for Core230
Power supply
110-230 VAC, 50-60 Hz
123 dB @ 10 cm
Light signal
RGB Led to signal status
4 Screw holes, m3-m6 or 2x tension/cable ties

Brinja Node

The sleek design makes Brinja Node durable and easy to install. The devices are wireless and battery powered with sufficient capacity to withstand a longer construction project. Once assembled, they can serve the entire project without service.

Specifications Brinja Node

0.6 kg
Power supply
Battery operation, 3x C-type Alkaline
Collection rate
Flexible but standard every 15 minutes



Relative humidity (RH)
Air temperature in °C
Sound level in dB
Concentration in μg/m³
Carbon monoxide, particles in ppm
Activity/h or movement
Frequency in Hz
Air Pressure
Atmospheric air pressure in hPa

Brinja App

Through the app, all our services are managed, such as evacuation and quality measurement. It's easy to browse between the different services and if something happens on site, you'll receive a notification in the app in real time. Employment is easily done with QR codes that ensures everyone has access to the right features.

Q&A about our services

Click on the questions below to see the answers.

How much do your services cost?

Our pricing depends on a number of factors, such as workplace size, number of metrics, collection rate, etc. Contact us and we can produce a quote for your specific wishes.

Do your services work on all construction sites?

Our services work on the vast majority of construction sites. In order to be able to use existing lighting in e.g. the light account and the evacuation service, a requirement is that we can connect our Brinja Core to the electrical centers that control the lighting on the construction site.