Press Release

Brinjas Team Grows

Brinja's team is growing fast. A whole new team has set foot at Brinja since the beginning of the year. These are the stars we want to highlight. ⭐


Brinja's team is growing fast.  

A whole new gang has set foot on Brinja since the turn of the year. These are the stars we want to highlight. ⭐

The software development team has grown with the addition of Moa Frithofsson, who works on creating the best user experience, UX/UI. Care-El Williams is our new mobile app developer, Tony Martinsson is stepping up in Frontend, Sofia Bonakdar as Web Developer, Erik Halldin and Oliver Palmberg are writing their master thesis in UX. 

Vicky Panici is our new Supply Chain Manager. Pernilla Olausson is the Digital Strategist who strengthens our SEO and Elin Lyckmyr will support us in marketing as Art Director/Copywriter.

We have also grown in Business Development/Customer Success in the form of Paolo Galli , Alexander Fagerberg, Andreas Brun and Jacob Wallén.

Thank you for being part of the adventures we call Brinja.


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