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Brinja Evacuation System at Hangar 5 in Bromma

Brinja proudly presents a reference film produced together with NCC and the hangar 5 project in Bromma. The film goes through how Brinja's services and systems have been used to improve and ensure a modern construction. Through the commitment and drive of both parties involved, a successful result has been seen in the installation of the evacuation system. A dynamic way to digitize and change the construction industry and introduce employees to a smooth solution.

"It is difficult to evacuate a construction site that is so changing. Things happen all the time, a new wall comes up, tomorrow it won't look the same at all."

- Harald Stjernström, Project Manager NCC

"Hangar 5 is an interesting project with tough infrastructure as it is such a large construction project with a living work culture. There are always challenges with floors that are underground or with thick concrete and where mobile connection does not reach, but here it has been fun to see us reach without problems"

- Anna Rundgren, Growth Manager Brinja

"Hangar 5 is a special project, it is like a smaller city that is emerging. It has been a varied and challenging project where nothing is the same. When I see the film we made together with Harald and NCC, I feel pride and that it has been worth all the hard work. Then to be able to work with a customer who sees the value in what you do is incredibly valuable"

- Axel Sjögren Holtz, CTO Brinja

This is a large project of over 83000m2 with retail, office and hotel space. When Brinja was on site and filming there were 440 employees on site, however over 3500 people have been involved during the course of the project. By working with a digital solution, it has been easy to involve those temporarily visiting the site in the existing security plan. In the video, Harald highlights how the system has facilitated and streamlined Hangar 5 in the event of an evacuation or evacuation drill and how the system is suitable for both large and small projects. 

The infrastructure of a project of this size is difficult, it consists of several floors, some underground and thick concrete walls and getting a digital solution has not previously yielded results. Brinja uses the existing infrastructure to connect to the lighting and signals that evacuation is underway. It is easy to install, easy to use and easy to register new employees, something we at Brinja are extremely proud to have developed. This is a service that is the first of its kind and we plan to set an example in the industry through constant product development.

This is a collaboration that we look forward to and that will continue and develop over time. Through good communication and feedback, Brinja constantly refines the system according to NCC's wishes and visions.

Watch the interview with Harald in the video below:


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